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The other day, my washing machine backed up into my bathtub. I tried to clear the clog myself, but couldn't so I called a drain cleaning company. The guy came out and immediately ran a snake through my kitchen clean out. He said the snake got stuck at a point past the bathtub. He put a camera down the line and showed me a belly in the line. He said the pipe might be separated. He never touched my bathtub. I asked him if he could snake the tub or clear the line from there and he said no. He said he needs to tunnel 15' under my house in order to replace the run of pipe. His discounted price is $8,776.00. I tried to clear the bathtub again and was successful. My question is, what is the danger of a belly? Is it a break waiting to happen, or could I live with it? What would happen if I did nothing?
Category: Plumber Post By: DERRICK PENA (Lancaster, OH), 06/15/2016

David, we don't bother putting the dirt back. We use slurry then dirt where we can properly compact.

- MABEL MORAN (Santa Barbara, CA), 09/01/2017

How much of a belly? A puddle or completely submerged? At any rate for eight grand I would pay for a second video with dvd. What type of pipe.

- JACKIE HAYNES (Grand Forks, ND), 10/09/2017

Tunnel under 15' That's crazy. I have tunneled under things, but 15'. I guess El Chappo had his crew tunnel a mile but I'll bet it wasn't cheap. ( You know they started digging that tunnel before he even went to prison there ) Even if they did tunnel under 15', putting all that dirt back in COMPACTED will be more work than it was to take it out. WOW he even estimated it down to $6.00. Surprised he didn't toss on a .99 at the end. did water from the kitchen ever back up into the tub while the tub was plugged up. Edit: It did back up while using the laundry, but not knowing the layout he may have been right when he said he could not clear it from the tub. but I would of at least tried it. Second opinion indeed.

- MILDRED COOK (Kansas City, KS), 10/13/2017

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